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The gradual development of facial wrinkles is inevitable and generally represents the early sign of ageing. The most common areas of wrinkling include the forehead, the brows and the outer corner of the eyes (crow's feet). This is mainly related to muscle activity which can be effectively dampened by the use of botulinum toxin, which is a naturally occurring bacterial toxin. This type of treatment to paralyse muscles selectively and reduce wrinkles is commonly known as 'Neurotoxin Injections' treatment.

Neurotoxin Injections is a trade name, and other similar preparations may also be used for this purpose. Botulinum toxin was initially used in the 1970s for treating patients with hyperactive muscles around the eyes. Currently, it is widely used for cosmetic reasons, such as wrinkle reduction and a wide variety of other medical conditions related to dysfunction of muscles.

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Results of Facial cosmetic surgery varies from person to person based on facial skeletal features and ethnic characteristics