Protruding Ears: Making them Inconspicuous

The ears ideally are positioned close to the side of the head. Anyone with protruding ears knows the hurtful teasing their ears may provoke. This harassment is even more intense in primary school – age children. Classroom teasing can be avoided by having corrective surgery before the age of six, but it can be done at any age, even adulthood. Other outer ear deformities can be corrected by surgery as well.

The surgery through incisions behind the ears so no scarring is visible. Through this approach, the ear cartilage is sculpted and shaped into a more favorable position. This position is then secured with sutures. A helmet – type bandage is worn for several days after surgery. You can return to your normal routine in one week.

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Results of Facial cosmetic surgery varies from person to person based on facial skeletal features and ethnic characteristics