Marianna Mboikou

"I was extremely pleased with my last week's experience in removing double chin with smart Lipo liposuction at cyprus facial surgery! Dr Demetriades and his stuff were exceptional! From the first consultation I felt trust, professionalism and warm environment! I underwent this unique procedure for double chin removal and I can say that the results are better from what I expected! The whole process was performed in his office with local anesthesia ,like a visit in my spa! More that surprisingly I went to my work the next day with no pain, bruising or significant swelling! I'm so pleased I had it done that I strongly recommend cyprus facial surgery and DR Demetriades for any cosmetic treatment of the face in Cyprus".
Aggeliki Mpoikou

"Great visit for me last week with Dr Demetriades!! He was not only a doctor..he was caring and most important I felt totally comfortable in his office and with the whole procedure ! He knew exactly what I needed! Amazing experience and perfect results to my nose!!! Highly recommended!!!"
Ekaterina Livshits

"Dr. Demetriades was absolutely awesome. He listened to my concern and answered all my questions before doing the procedure. I really felt like he cared and wanted me to be satisfied. I just wish I had found him earlier. His staff was also great. I would highly recommend him".
Stephanie Kilkita

"A very efficient, attentive, pleasant, respectful and knowledgable doctor!!"
Savvas Demetriades

"Σπουδαιος επιστήμονας, σπουδαίος γιατρός τετοιους θελουμε στην Κύπρο. Μου αφαίρεσε κόκκαλο απο τη γνάθο και μου έβαλε εμφύτευμα. Δεν κατάλαβα οτι εκανα τοσο μεγάλη επεμβαση. Δεν πόνεσα καθόλου ούτε κατα τη διάρκεια αλλα ούτε και και κατα την ανάρρωση. Την επόμενη πήγα δουλειά λιγο φουσκωμένος φυσικά αλλα καθόλου πόνο. Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα".
Savvas Demetriades

"Ότι έχω δοκιμάσει είχε άψογο αποτέλεσμα!Σας τον συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα. Πάνω από όλα επαγγελματισμός.".
Dr Neophytos Demetriades (DDS, MD, MSc)

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Results of Facial cosmetic surgery varies from person to person based on facial skeletal features and ethnic characteristics