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Dr. Neophytos C Demetriades
Returning to Cyprus, after spending many years of training and practicing in the USA, my vision was to develop and maintain in Cyprus, a facial cosmetic surgery service, providing excellent care to patients, following the same standards of care as in the USA! In that prospective I created the Cyprus Facial Surgery which served with excellence our patients the last four years!Extending our vision further, Cyprus facial surgery established a cooperation with the Mandani facial plastic surgery group of New York , creating new dynamics and capabilities for the treatment of our patients! On the hands of an expert team of American board certified facial cosmetic surgeons ,every patient can now receive , here in Cyprus, the best available and more current treatments that New Yorkers Enjoy today! Understanding the patients needs and the era's demand we offer today a minimally invasive facial cosmetic service ,that provides Excellent long lasting natural results ,with minimal risk of complications ,applied as an office pleasant procedures, under local anesthesia , with minimal down time for recovery, keeping the cost low!
“make your past your new future...trusting Dr. Demetriades”
Cooperation with Dr Madnani, Madnani Facial Plastics, New York
‘’the best of New York’s facial cosmetic treatments offered in Cyprus by a team of expert American board certified facial cosmetic surgeons’’
Cyprus Facial Surgery - New style lift presentasion
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